My job is pretty demanding, so I needed a review course that boiled everything down to essential information. I passed both FAR and AUD in 26 days after taking the Surgent Kolar CPA Review Course.
Tom G @ Deutsche Bank

Why study with Surgent

Simply put: if you study with Surgent CPA Review, you will pass the first time, and they guarantee that.  Their unique ‘adaptive learning’ technology, will help you pass in far less time.

Surgent offers a focused and streamlined approach to passing the CPA exam. Take a look :

  • NEW! Now unlimited access! Get access until you pass with Surgent CPA Review!
  • It’s convenient: Over 300 lectures, most in targeted 10-20 minute sessions. All mobile compatible.
  • It’s smart: Adaptive learning software gives you a study guide customized to your strengths & weaknesses, saving time and helping you focus where you need to.

What makes Surgent different?

Their Adaptive Learning approach allows you to focus and study on your weak areas and prevents you from wasting time on areas you know really well.

Because Surgent employs instructors and writers of the courses full-time, they are on standby to answer questions you have through your courses.

Completely Mobile-Friendly – Access everything on your iOS or Android device.

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Course Features

  • The most current, up-to-date information on all four parts of the CPA Exam: Financial Accounting & Reporting, Auditing & Attestation, Regulation, and Business Environment & Concepts
  • Includes the latest authoritative literature to help you easily tackle research and task-based simulation questions
  • Over 6,000 multiple-choice questions and 250 task-based simulations, including previously released AICPA CPA Exam questions, along with thorough explanations
  • Over 300 video lectures, most in targeted 10-20 minute sessions
  • Customized study notes are prepared for each lecture, giving the student an immediate study aide, which helps reduce study time
    All mobile compatible
  • NEW! Flashcard app now available in the Apple and Google Play stores—provides FREE access to all flashcards developed for the course
  • State-of-the-art, adaptive learning technology makes it easier to learn.
  • Software quickly reveals your unique areas of need and automatically creates customized study plans that focus you where you need the most help—reducing study time while making the time you do spend more effective. The platform includes integrated text, questions, and video lectures that help you master exam topics with ease—no matter your learning style
  • 100% personalized. Students combine the lectures with adaptive learning software and are given a customized study guide based on their strengths and weaknesses
  • Study Planner – simply enter the date of their exam, choose what days of the week they plan to study, and the software will calculate the recommended time of study per session
  • Mobile Friendly – Lectures and software are mobile friendly—compatible with iPads, tablets, Android devices and more
  • Instructors are on standby to answer any questions you have throughout your course via phone or email

Liz Kolar is a great instructor! Her courses manage to cover all the relevant topics and areas in a detailed, yet clear and concise, manner. I was able to pass the exam on the first try thanks to her!


We interviewed Jack Surgent about their product and philosophy. Take a look below!

Here is a demo video of the Surgent CPA Review

Surgent CPA Review Demo Video from Surgent Professional Education on Vimeo.

Free Mobile Flashcard App

Get a full set of flashcards for all 4 sections of the CPA Exam completely free. Includes over 2,200 cards with terms on one side and definitions on the back.

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  • Liz Kolar

    Hello, my name is Liz Kolar. I am one of the co-founders of Surgent CPA Review. I am here today to answer any questions you may have about our program and the CPA exam.

    • Jeff Phillips

      Thanks Liz! We just wrapped up our webinar. I know many were excited to try the Surgent flashcard app which they can download at the top of this page. Can you describe the app? Thanks

      • Hi Jeff, It’s Valerie Wendt from Surgent. Our flashcard app contains over 2,200 terms/questions that students can download absolutely free and covers all 4 sections of the CPA Exam. Students can access the terms by exam section.

        • Jeff Phillips

          thanks Valerie!

    • Crystal Gross

      Hello! I heard about your review app in the webinar this morning. I’m currently a junior working on my BA, so I still have a few years before I am in a position to take the CPA exam, but I downloaded the app, and it looks really useful! Thank you for providing it!

      • Thanks Crystal for downloading the app. It should be helpful to you as you finish your studies. As you get closer to the CPA Exam, please be sure to reach out so we can help you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

  • Chris Carty

    Hi Liz thank you for this amazing resource. I recently completed a Bachelors degree in accounting and I’m currently perusing my MBA. I plan on sitting for the CPA after completion of my MBA. I am very grateful for the free app but also thrilled to learn about your services. I will definitely be using them in the near future. Once again thank you.

    Chris Carty

    • Thank you Chris for checking us out. Please let us know if you have any questions whatsoever on the CPA Exam process or exam itself. I hope you enjoy the app.

  • Marquita Wilson

    Hi! Thank you for providing the free app. I recently received my BA degree. I am going to sit for the CPA. I am also going to pursue for a MBA degree. I greatly appreciate the free app.

  • Heather McG

    Great Looking App! One thing… I had an issue finding it by searching Surgent. I had to search Surgent CPA in Android Play.

    • Thanks Heather; glad you like it. Thanks for letting us know about your difficulties finding the app!