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Why Should I Get a Masters?

It’s a classic comparison of short-term tradeoffs and long-term benefits.
— Work now and earn money vs. more school/tuition but with anticipation of better success and money later.

It’s been said that “additional graduate work in accounting beyond the bachelor’s degree could not only be beneficial but also necessary.” ( Part of this is based in the 150 hour requirement to sit for the CPA exam. While there are other ways to get required credit hours, it’s hard to argue against the benefit of focusing those hours on additional accounting expertise and adding a Master’s degree to your credentials.

But what about the cost? It’s important to remember that career success is a long term game. Job prospects, starting salaries, and career progression can all be positively impacted by the attainment of a Masters. And a Masters degree carries perceived weight and value with potential clients or future potential employers.

Ok, so you got it – attaining a Masters in Accounting is a great choice. Now what – how do you choose the best school? Well, we’re here to help. We know there are many options and different things to consider. So we’re working with accounting graduate programs to help summarize some of your choices and make it easy for you to learn and compare. Take a look at the programs to the right and let us know who you would like to connect with. We’ll make it happen!

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