Introducing Resume Drop and Hiring Campaigns

Introducing Resume Drop and Hiring Campaigns

For years we’ve believed in and evangelized the strategy of recruiting throughout the year.

It’s the foundation for successful recruiting in a time when finding high-quality talent has never been more difficult.

Today we are releasing two new features that are instrumental in aiding our customers in this strategy and finding long-term recruiting success: Resume Drop and Hiring Campaigns.

Resume Drop allows candidates to submit a resume directly to you, all year long, even when you don’t have an active open position.

You never know when great candidates are looking for opportunities in your area. These are passive candidates that you need to capture.

In the past the solution for this problem was to have a job posting up all year long.

But we’ve learned that doesn’t work.

Candidates do not respond well to always-active job postings. In addition, it’s expensive to have multiple job postings running all year.

Resume Drop solves this problem by setting the expectation with the candidate that submitting your resume isn’t applying to a specific job, but rather expressing interest in your firm. It set’s the tone for a different type of conversation. Just like an application though, this resume is delivered straight to you.

Resume Drop is available today for all paid Accountingfly subscribers. To upgrade to paid plan, visit the pricing page.

The second part of this strategy is Hiring Campaigns.

A Hiring Campaign is a job posting that remains open until it’s filled.

We all know that accounting jobs do not get filled in the first 30 days. Most are twice that and some even longer for more specialty positions.

Hiring Campaigns replaces the 30-day job postings and let’s you focus on recruiting. Just let us know once every 60 days if you’ve filled it. We’ll even email and remind you.

In addition, we monitor and analyze your campaigns and optimize their title, description and advertising schedule when necessary. We also advertise your campaigns on other job boards and optimize peformance on a daily basis. In other words, you only need to post on Accountingfly to reach all active job seekers online.

Accountingfly is not just another job board. The industry is changing and the typical job board model isn’t working. We are committed to giving our users the tools and resources they need to succeed at recruiting high-quality talent in this changing landscape. Today’s release is just another example of our commitment.

We’ve also added a few other items:

Updated Company profiles You now have an update Company profile design that more prominently features your Gallery Images. There is also a new dedicated page for your open positions called Careers. This allows you to have a long list of jobs and allows you to link directly to your careers page for easy advertising. Your company website is now viewable and clickable on your company profile so visitors to your profile can now easily view your website.

Employers in Search Results Your Company Profile is now included in job search results for any city that you have listed in your profile. This helps you attract active and passive job seekers even when you don’t have a job listed. Using Resume Drop, they can express interest in your firm.

We’d love to hear your feedback and thoughts, so your comments are welcome.

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