Introducing the New Accountingfly

Introducing the New Accountingfly

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Accountingfly is growing up. Introducing Accountingfly v1.5.

We’ve spent over four years partnering with  the accounting and finance industry to help grow their companies through intelligent staffing. During that time we learned a lot about what it takes to make not only a great hire, but the right hire. We’ve been evolving every day by listening to our clients wants and needs, we are committed to defining best practices for organizations both large and small.

Here’s what we’ve learned along the way:

  • Job postings alone aren’t successful at hiring for every job title
  • Hiring experienced CPAs requires more than just headhunting
  • There’s a need to supplement permanent staff with temporary help

Today we are introducing three new products: Postings, Placements and Branding. These products are successful on their own but stronger when we bundle together to reach your targeted recruitment goal.


Although job postings don’t work well for hiring experienced CPAs, they work extremely well for many non-CPA positions in the industry.

 We are now offering single 90-day postings at $595. The increased length of our postings gives organizations more flexibility, taking into consideration the longer time to hire that we see in our industry.

Placements (Permanent + Project)

Perhaps you have no recruiting team or you’re having difficulty with a hard-to-fill position. You are not alone! Organizations of all sizes need help recruiting especially for their accounting and finance teams.

Our Placements solution will source, screen and deliver the top three candidates for both permanent staffing and temporarily project-based help. Additionally, we’ll schedule the final interviews with the top three candidates displayed in your Accountingfly ATS.


We will permanently place any accounting or finance position from remote bookkeeper to in-house CPA.


We match your project needs with top tier, former Big 4 CPAs. This allows you to meet client demand while eliminating the burdens associated with full-time hiring such as recruiting, onboarding, and benefits administration.


Hiring experienced CPAs or leadership positions without an inbound recruiting plan is extremely difficult. Through sponsored content on Going Concern, we can increase the awareness of your organization and the number of applicants you receive.  

Here is Brad Hughes, CPA and Founding Partner at Beech Valley Solutions: 

“We have built a recruiting pipeline of over 1,000 CPAs primarily from the Big 4 or national firms, and I’ve never made one cold call or sent a single LinkedIn message. Nearly all of our leads are inbound from the content that was produced for us on Going Concern.”

Articles, videos and interviews with your team tell a story about your organization’s culture and team dynamic to thousands of experienced candidates every day. This content will live on forever as a continuous branded recruitment source.

Applicant Tracking System

In addition to our new products, we’ve decided to make our Applicant Tracking System free. This simplifies our business model while providing value for our customers. It’s no longer an add-on; it will remain free even after your posting has expired.

The new products and services we're introducing represent the backbone of Accountingfly: a strong, focused, and strategic approach to staffing. We are a one-stop shop here to advise your organization on the optimal staffing model, allowing you to meet your client’s needs while keeping costs down.

Visit our brand new website to learn more.

Schedule a call with us by completing this form or give us a call at 850.696.1500.

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